Steps to File Your Boat as an Export for the Race to Cuba 
Bob Madden has volunteered to help PYC and the race committee with the process of filing your boat as an export for the Pensacola a la Habana Rally & Race.  He has studied for, taken and passed the test that allows him access to the AESDirect system (Automated Export System) for filing.  His role is to only take the information about you and your boat and use it to file your shipment in the AESDirect system.  
Bob is not assuming any other responsibility or liability other than taking the information you provide him and filing on your behalf as a convenience service for you.  If you so choose, you can study and take the test and file for yourself.  The approach of having Bob file on your behalf is only to make the whole filing process easier for you. 
Once filed and submitted, US Customs will review the information and return an Internal Transaction Number (ITN). An ITN is the AES generated number assigned to a shipment confirming that the Electronic Export Information (EEI) was accepted and is on file in the AES.  
The steps we need you to follow and the information we need to file for you in AESDirect are listed below: 
1. Review   the necessary attachments: 
    a. “Boat Owner Data Needed” – File out and attach to email reply 
     b. “PYC-2015 Race to Havana-AES Filing Info” – for your information only, this is the form with      sample data that will be filed for each submitting entrant.  
    c. “Walkthrough_072815” – Instructions to get an EIN if you do not have one 
2. Please complete the table in the attached document titled “Boat Owner Data Needed”, re-save the document with your completed information.  Please take time to make sure the information is accurate as it will be used in your filing and reviewed by Customs, IRS and Census. 
  Note: You will need an Employer Identification Number (EIN) just for this race, please follow the steps identified in the “Boat Owner Data Needed” document to obtain an EIN.  It takes maybe 5 minutes to apply for and receive an EIN. The EIN website is only operational Monday through Friday. 

3. Send the information to Bob Madden,
4. Attach to your reply email the updated table from step 2 and a scanned copy of your SNAP-R Permit  (BIS License) and click send. 
5. Please complete these steps as soon as possible but no later than Thursday 10/23/2015. 
6. Once your filing has been reviewed by Customs and found to be accurate, an ITN will be           assigned to you.  The ITN will be returned to you for your reference. 
    We tried to make this as easy and straight forward for you as possible.  Also attached to the     email is a second document that shows all of the data that is used to file your boat as an export for the race. Please take a look so you know what is involved and what information is being supplied in the filing process but remember you only need to provide the information being requested in the “Boat Owner Data Needed” table and your SNAP-R Permit. 
Bob Madden 
Cell:  (612) 865-3689